Britain’ fattest man – who weighed 65 stone aged 33 was found dead just hours after ordering apple crumble and ice cream from his favourite takeaway.

Yea! you heard it well! 


Emergency services needed several hours to remove Carl Thompson from his home yesterday morning, using a small crane to carry his body out via an upstairs balcony and closing the road outside.

The 33-year-old, from Dover, had been housebound for more than a year after doctors warned he needed to lose 70 per cent of his body-weight to survive.

Carl Thompson, Britain’s fattest man who weighed 65 stone, has died at the age of 33 in his home in Kent

Mr Thompson attributed his weight gain to the death of his mother in 2012. They are pictured together, above, when he was a teenager

Last night the owner of his favourite takeaway, who would deliver food to his bedside using a key to his flat, spoke of sending him what may have been his final food order.

In the weeks before he died their best customer had been reducing the number of dishes he bought to lose weight.

Merdad Mohebbi, owner of nearby Q Pizza, told The Sun: ‘I can’t believe it. He had cut right down on what he was eating. He was only ordering one or two things a day.

‘When I took the order he seemed happy enough. He was talking about how he was going to the hospital and they were going to do tests for him. He was full of life.’


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