Damilolar Richards I need that Smile back! Urgently!


Dear friend, a whole of of stuffs to tell u, a whole lot of words to help u keep hope but ouch! I just can’t say them. Wouldn’t want to sound so religious or been too playful as you have always tagged me.
I have really missed you and yes I mean that and that’s your fault even though I wouldn’t blame you so well. I really don’t know how you feel because I have never been in those shoes before but I know you feel so down depressed and hopeless, but one thing I can assure you of is that with life there is hope. Those lovely smiles of yours, that helping hands you gave to the helpless, those charity work you did, your hello you said to some one, the little winks you gave to those babes, the sport comedy part of you and the hellos you said to all the Victoria’s u av met in your life; gave life and meaning to other people.
I wish and want you to brace up, pick up your guards and continue from where you and her stopped.
Most of all, I want you to smile, cos that funny ugly smile of yours brings smiles to our faces.

Stay safe dear, With Love.
Your troublesome friend


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