Ladipo Market Shut down!

Popular Auto Spare Parts Market Ladipo Shut Down

Lapipo traders

Some armed men and officials suspected to be working for Mushin Local Government in Lagos yesterday invaded the Ladipo Auto Spare Parts Market in Mushin and demolished shops in the market. They were supported by a team of policemen.

During the demolition exercise, the traders were barred from entering the market to remove their goods from the shops.

Traders said that they met “hoodlums” vandalising the market with bulldozers escorted by policemen and SARS operatives.

The Guardian quoted the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the market, Kanayo Okonkwo to have said that there was no notice to prepare the traders beforehand, adding, “as it stands, we are in raining season. If it rains, it will spoil all our goods. That would take us back to square one.

“They didn’t tell us anything. I don’t know where they want us to go. We don’t have other shops. Assuming they gave us some kind of notice, we would know what to do, we came today to sell but found the a lock on the gate.” He added: “We want to know why they vandalised a section of the market.

“If they have any issue within themselves, let them sort it out. We came here to look for daily bread, not to disturb anybody. If they really planned to develop the market, they should have at least informed us. The governor of Lagos State should come to our aid. If they want us to leave, we will do that. But they should do what is right,” he said.

In front of the market gate was a banner with the inscription: Proposed Commercial Development of Mushin, Lagos. It was also written on the banner that Mushin Local Government in conjunction with a developer known as Total Value Integrated Services Limited is to commence building of a modern plaza market in place of the present stalls being demolished.

The duration for the completion of the project was stated as 18 months.

Source: Information Nigeria


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