That Guy that Rocks my World

Engr. Grandeur Ugbede Momoh

I know so much is been expected from this particular write up. Quite sure that the lines of this post would be read carefully and with full attention because of its peculiarity to me. But Yes! Am ready to shock you guys because I won’t write so much
Engr. Ugbedeojo Momoh (Grandeur) born on a special day as this, 7th of July many years back is full of life and laughter. Its so glad associating with you dear. My prayers for you are beyond measure, this birthday is so significant to us u know, and I would be the least of u ever celebrated.
May more years darling, you would age with grace, you are fulfilling purpose, your latter days starting from tomorrow would be greater than your past. Your best is yet to come. Love you dearly dear.
Its your day! Enjoy it to the fullest, u can do shakara, I don’t care, yo can do last born today, I don’t care, just enjoy your day!
Yummy yummy yum yum!




2 thoughts on “That Guy that Rocks my World

  1. Wow…happy birthday Grandeur.
    I pray that d new year comes with greater vision into God’s plan for your life IJN and I say amen to Iko’s prayers…many happy returns bro


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