One Day, One Blast, Different Location!


Recently, I spoke about the one day, one blast, different location. Surprisingly, its not one blast o, its becoming a consistent twin blast. Few hours back a twin blast rocked ECWA church in Jos, plateau state! A whole Evangelical church Winning All, but to God Be the Glory, no one was sent to an early grave. How did the explosive get there? am beginning to think that there are some chwachwa going on some where.
Well, sources said that the blast rocked the church at about 9am, who knows maybe it was the time of praise and worship when people are high in the spirit, because the service was going on. Yea! No causality was recorded but obviously, there would be commotion, confusion and fear with few people saying their last prayers, asking for forgiveness so that they go straight to heaven.
“One of the bombs exploded in the toilet, while the other one was at the back of the church,” a member said “Security men moved in immediately and luckily there was no casualty.”
A similar incident led to the loss of six lives at a branch of The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) in Potiskum, Yobe state, last week Sunday.
God help us o!


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