Vickytoreeya: I love my Haters too…

Some times I sit and ask God reasons why he brings some certain people through our pathway. After so many questions and researches on the best answers to the unending questions in my heart, I come to realise that everyone who had come through my way had a purpose to fulfill, at every stage in life, there are people to hold on to and also look unto.

Summerice VIPs (incomplete)

Friends and enemies are very vital in ones life. Its really not so cool having enemies but mehn! Haters just helps u keep track of every action or step you take.
But the best you can have is a friend like a family. I have a unique set of friends who just fit into the line of destiny. I can boast of few but these few mean a million folds to me.
This post is to appreciate my lovely friends (they know themselves), and also my haters (whom have kept me at alert). I love you all.

Chuch after Church crew members

Would love to most so many pictures of individuals but…
How would it have been without friendship?


4 thoughts on “Vickytoreeya: I love my Haters too…

  1. You are most certainly correct. Life without friends and otherwise would not be good, I fact we won’t be able to appreciate life in perspective.


  2. mmmnn, true friends are like pure water, you may think you can do without them, well, ofcourse you can, but it won’t be long, before you dry up on your own. And when you let them in, you realize how much life they bring to you. love you dearies

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