Hair Dye: Signing a Death Warrant

Now! This makes me understand why some celebrities die suddenly due to some life threatening sicknesses like; Cancer, Kidney and Liver diseases etc. It all started from somewhere. Dye or Rather Die, is a slow poison! Finishes its cause. A most read!

Hair Dye or Hair Die: which do you really want?

dieWhy would anyone actually want to tell you the whole truth concerning the harmful effects (if any) concerning their ware or product when their livelihood depends on it? I truly do not see reasons why people should make use of hair dye today if only they knew the terrible side effects of some of these products. Well, some reasons they give are probably logical but some others are just not good enough – such reasons as fashion and style.

Evidences available from recent research findings show that hair dyes are dangerous; even when the hair is termed as the woman’s crowning glory we still have to be very careful about what we do to it. Yet both women and men are changing the colour of their hair more often than ever.

dyeHair dyeing is an act of changing the…

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