3G NCCF Niger Prayo is Plus One Hurray!

Dr. Godson Goodluck Chidozie

Halleluyah! Halleluyah! That is his favourite word even in the dream. He says it with a whole of of passion and great smile. You would never see Dozie without his teeth out.
Godson Goodluck Chidozie, was the Niger state Secretary prayer secretary 13b. We all knew he was the prayer secretary before he was announced. Never joked with his responsibilities especially the part where he has to make everyone available for Prayer platoon (a part I never like). But one thing I learnt from him, He is consistent and never get angry, I tried all I can to make this guy angry but Na, he never did.
Dozie is one you could always run to. Infact he is a last hope for some.
Less I forget he is an Animal Doctor just like his Dad Dr. Obinna. He took care of our Rijau. And he is sure one to be emulated minus the troublesome part of him. Lol
He is called the Minister of women Affairs, if this guy communicate with a woman for a while, she will just give her life to Christ instantly. He is that anointed in that aspect.
Happy birthday to you sir, I celebrate you now and forever.
I forgot to add. He is at every NCCF ocassion, name it form birthday to weddings to conference. He is always there to represent. He has a partner though I won’t mention her name. For those who are looking forward to know if he is single. Sorry doors closed, Dozie is ENGAGED to God knows who! He still hasn’t admitted that but my amebo face is still watching him closely
Confidence Ajubi puts it this way: when you think of follow up, think of Dozie.


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