10 Ways Youths Act In Churches When They Have No Offering

Youths tend to be somewhat uncomfortable when they have no offering to give, therefore, below are my observations on how they act
Lemme keep the ball rolling
1. Few minutes before offering announcement is made, they will take an excuse to the toilet and calculatively come back few minutes after the offering collection is over.
2. The ones that will squeeze their hands into their pockets to deceive people that they are dropping money, when in fact, they dropped nothing. *If I hear*
3. The ones that have but would separate the money in their pockets in ascending order; the bigger denomination will be on the left pocket,the N5, N10, N20 and N50 would be on the right pocket (or vice versa). Immediately they hear offering time, they will just put their hand straight to the right pocket… Dem don know where e dey
4. The ones that will drop an offering envelope the same way it was given to them, then they will look around to be sure that nobody is looking at them, then stylishly drop the empty envelop
5. Immediately offering announce is made, these ones will ask the ushers if they can help split N1,000 into smaller denominations, even when they have no kobo. This reminds me of a dude that asked me to help change N1, 000 despite the fact that we have been told not to change money for people until after the service; guess what? I decided to help and told him to bring the money. Immediately, discomfort was printed on his face. He told me
not to worry anymore
6. The ones that will search their pockets for almost 5 minutes without bring out a kobo; or dip their hands into the four pockets without bringing a penny and will start acting like they actually left their wallet at home when in fact, they did not
7. When offering time is approaching, the ones that have no incoming call but will quickly place their phones on their ears and will dash out of the church.
8. The ones that will keep staring at your wallet to know how much you want to give.
9. The ones that have but will not give. They will bring out N1000 from their pockets showing to the people sitting on their role that they wish to give but don not have no small denomination. Funny enough, even if they have, they still won’t give
10. Kindly add the last one

Source: tosyne2much


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