Obinna Okorogu Adds Another Year with GRACE


The first time I met him it was like, who is this person and what is he feeling like because he was always talking during the family meeting and he was always given special attention. And just like his sons and grand son they were always talking about Prayer and how important it was to come for prayer platoon. Intact the height of my greviance was the fact that he introduced the “fasting and one hour prayer before camp and conferences” to the house. Intact he drafted the time table by himself. Animal Doctor like I would always call him, is a man of a rare integrity. He is a man that i can’t explain his personality. He is the “A.papa. T” of our generation. He is humble, caring, and my trouble partner. He is still the only one that gives me punishment for not keeping in touch or look for his trouble. And guess what the punishment is? Read 3 chapters of a particular book in the bible and in the evening we would talk about it. Who am I to say no to the Grandmaster. I cherish u now and forever. U have affected our lives in diverse kinds of ways. Ur humbility is still a wonder. On behalf of I and my twin sister Sarahly we wish u more grace to do greater exploits. Love you dearly


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