EXCLUSIVE: Rivers Government SUV allegedly stolen, abandoned in Abuja Plaza


Despite efforts made by the Governor Nyesom Wike’s administration in Rivers State to recover all vehicles belonging to the state government, allegedly carted away by officials of the former Governor Rotimi Ameachi led administration in the state, DAILY POST investigation has revealed that a number of the vehicles are still being kept in various locations outside the state.
A discreet investigation by DAILY POST shows that many sport utilities vehicles litter several private and commercial properties in the Federal Capital Territory, with sources pointing accusing fingers at officers of the last administration in the state.
One of such vehicles, according to DAILY POST investigation, is a Range Rover Sports with registration number 17A-23RV, packed in a commercial complex in the Utako area of Abuja.
According to findings, the vehicle surfaced few weeks ago, as people using the complex got to their offices one morning to see the vehicle parked there, but has never at any point seen anybody coming to either warm or inspect the vehicle.
One of the business owners at the plaza, who spoke to DAILY POST under the condition of anonymity, said they were surprised that the vehicle had been parked at the car park of the plaza for a while without anybody coming near it.
“The truth is that we are as puzzled as anybody else; we have been wondering what a Rivers State government vehicle is doing here at our car park. It is more interesting because we do not have anybody around here that is known to us that works with the Rivers State government, neither is there any Rivers State government office in the complex or anywhere close to this plaza”.
DAILY POST also observed that two of the tyres of the Range Rover Sports have been deflated either deliberately or because of the length of time it have been parked.
It will be recalled that the new administration in Rivers State have been on the trail on those it said looted properties and vehicles belonging to the state government, with the forceful retrieval of a bullet proof Toyota Lancruiser SUV from the immediate past Commissioner of Information in the state.
The state government also said at that time that several of its properties and vehicles in Abuja were carted away by officials of the past administration.
Speaking to DAILY POST on the development, the Chief Press Secretary to the Rivers State Governor, Mr. Opanubo Inko-Tariah, said the vehicle is most probably one of those stolen and hidden by those who worked for the last administration.
“If you remember, the state government had alerted the public before now that those who worked with the last administration stole vehicles belonging to the state government. We have tried to use the police to recover a lot of them.
“The state government does not have vehicles to use at the moment; even the Governor is using his personal vehicle at the moment. The vehicles he has in his convoy are equally his personal vehicles. The commissioners and the Chief of Staff are all using their personal vehicles because the state government does not have vehicles as a result of theft of government vehicles by the last administration.
“What we have been doing is that anytime we get information about such vehicles, we go after them and recover them and whenever that is done, people begin to whip up sentiments. It is my believe that this one in question is one of such vehicles. Though I cannot authoritatively say because I am yet to meet the transport officer for confirmation. However, it is pertinent to ask what a Rivers State government’s vehicle is doing in a plaza in Abuja?
“My thinking is that they are probably hiding the vehicle there because to the best of my knowledge, no government vehicle has moved from here to Abuja. It is probably one of the stolen vehicles they took there to hide”, Inkoh-Tariah said.
The governor’s spokesman however said he would liaise with the relevant authorities so the report can be investigated and appropriate action


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