Mysterious snakes invade DELSU hostels

Mysterious snakes are currently threatening students of the Delta State University in their various hostels.
One of it was at the weekend found in the wardrobe of a final year student of Micro Biology department as she was about to UnCloth.
Reports said that the student, Miss Adesuwa Erebor, had wanted to select clothes to wear to class when suddenly she saw something shiny like a millipede, but on closer look she realized it was a brown snake.
Sources at the university said that mysterious snakes were in the students’ hostels especially during nightfall and power failure. Two of such snakes were said to have disappeared when the students attempted to killed them recently.
In the instant case, the she screamed for help and quickly locked the wardrobe so as to trap it but when the wardrobe was opened again, the reptile was nowhere to be found.
“I had left the room quietly and shouted for help, and some of my hostel mates rushed into my room but to their surprise the snake could not be found in the wardrobe. We searched everywhere to know avail.”
Security operatives who do not want their names mentioned blamed the frequent snake incidents in the hostel to overgrown weeds and unhealthy environment around the hotels.


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