Bra Protest In Hong Kong Over Woman Jailed For ‘ chest Assault’ On Police Officer

Dozens of bra-wearing protesters, including several men, held a demonstration in Hong Kong on Sunday after a woman was jailed for assaulting a policeman with her chest. Around 200 protesters from feminist groups rallied outside Hong Kong Police Headquarters after 30-year-old Ng Lai-ying was sentenced to three and a half months on 30 July. “When a woman says she has been molested to protect ourselves, but the act is being interpreted as creating chaos, this makes us feel very shocked and dismayed,” Luk Kit-ling, a protest spokeswoman said. Canadian Press reports:
“This suppresses women’s participation in society and their rights to participate in politics will be deprived.” Ng had initially accused a police Chief Inspector of indecent assault when she felt his arm on her chest during a protest, according to local
media. However magistrate Michael Chan Pik-kiu found that Ng had assaulted the police officer with her chest and harmed his reputation, local media reported.
“When a woman calls for help because she is being molested, and thinks that someone has molested or defiled her, we,
representing civil power, should carry out law enforcement, to investigate, to inspect, to file a charge on the case and then hand it in to the court for judgment, instead of judging by ourselves,” another protester, Lau Ka-yee, said.
“But obviously, in this case, when the woman had called for help after being molested, the police didn’t arrest anyone, and also didn’t investigate the case. In reverse, the woman was being sued.” Ng and three other defendants are now on bail pending an appeal.


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