Obasanjo is a comedian –Kalu

Following the comment credited to ex-president Olusegun Obasanjo, which was published in national dailies, that he was yet to officially join any of the political parties, a former Governor of Abia State, Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu has described such comment as one of Obasanjo’s publicity stunts to always distract Nigerians.
Kalu, however, has charged Nigerians not to take Obasanjo seriously, because he is a man who knows how to destroy Nigeria, while at the same time pretending to love the country.
The former governor, who is also the President of Slok Group, a world-wide business empire, has described Obasanjo as a turncoat and not a patriot he has always portrayed himself to be. Obasanjo is a man who would say that Nigeria needs ‘Do-tanks’ and not ‘Think-tanks’. But he would be quick to reverse his statement at any given point in time, when he sees any opportunity that calls for him to do so, Kalu says. Obasanjo does not speak brightly, but
He wants people to laugh for him on even serious matters of discourse. Obasanjo wants the international community to see him as an innocent per­ son, Kalu said at a public enlightenment programme on the electoral process, organised by the Organisation of Tadhamunul Muslimeen and the Ogun State chapter of The Muslim Congress and that the international community was watching us. Kalu said that Nigerians did not mind Obasanjo and his call on the international community, saying that whatever Nigeria has become today,
Obasanjo made her. Obasanjo does not know how un-seriously people take him. Obasanjo’s posture and move to influence the government of President Muhammadu Buhari has been rejected by many people.
Remember that a senator from Edo State is vehemently opposed to Obasanjo’s Think-tank report submitted to Buhari.
In response to Obasanjo, the lawmaker simply asked in a commentary “How can Obasanjo be preparing a blueprint for Buhari? A Bini parable says, ‘how can an impotent man get medicine for his brother, who suffers weak Attention?”
The senator regretted that some great Nigerians followed Obasanjo as members of the ‘Think-tank’ forgetting that he was the father of ‘do-or-die’ politics in Nigeria.
So, Kalu wondered, what is Obasanjo ‘Think-tanking’? Kalu said the Senator said further about Obasanjo, “Wonders will never end!
How can Obasanjo who allegedly wasted eight years in government pursuing perceived enemies and tried to ruin the legislative and judicial arms of government in Nigeria; wasted $16 billion on power and not a single kilowatt of energy was produced, destroyed Aladja Steel, Itakpe Steel, Ajaokuta Steel, NITEL, just to mention a few FGN parastatals, now begin to advise Buhari?
How can Obasanjo, whose government received, in one year, revenue equivalent of the total revenue that IBB regime received in eight years, with nothing to show for it, be handing over blue-print to the Buhari administration?”
Kalu said he saw by 2012 that Nigeria was a country that was going through evolution and decided to keep to himself. Kalu who has been a businessman before age of 26, remains a focused and reputable businessman. He says Obasanjo is a billionaire today, who could not afford N10,000 when they formed the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in 1998, with the likes of Atiku Abubakar and Obasanjo was declared the winner of the 1999 election, just having N20,000 in his savings anywhere. The former governor said Obasanjo was one president all over the world who ruled his country from the airspace, because he was always jetting everywhere in the world.
Kalu said he parted ways with Obasanjo, as governor, because Obasanjo was joking with the country and Nigerians .
The business mogul said that it’s unfortunate that Obasanjo has lied his way to fame. Kalu maintained that he was going to forward letters to the United Nations Secretary General, the European Union and the United States and all other major powers that all those who have served in Nigeria should come forward to disclose their sources of wealth.
He said he was going to request in the letter that Nigerian leaders should explain how they bought houses in Victoria Island and Maitama, Abuja. Let the world know who the real thieves are.
You cannot be calling people thieves when the real thieves are walking free on the streets of Nigeria.
Kalu added, “It is not fair to me in particular because I know that at the formation of PDP, I contributed N500 million in 1998 and I don’t know how n,many of them owned N500 million in 1998. But today I am a thief.
I also contributed almost $1 million to Obasanjo’s campaign in 1998, when no­ body had no penny to give. Why I am a thief today is what I don’t understand.” When Obasanjo called the National Assembly corrupt, Kalu rebuffed him, saying that he had no moral justification to call any Nigerian a thief. Kalu said that Obasanjo made the country the way it is today.
The former governor added that Obasanjo caused every problem Nigerians are facing in Nigeria today.
Obasanjo has no moral right to say anybody is corrupt. Even when Kalu was in office, Kalu told him that corruption was under Obasanjo’s table, but Nigerians were yet to listen.
He says this was a fact that Americans, British, Germans and the French all knew.
The people of these countries don’t respect Obasanjo.
Kalu commended the National Assembly for its intention to probe the power sector.
Concluding, Kalu said, it’s only in Nigeria that Obasanjo is buying his way through comedy, yet many people do not take him seriously.


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