Chaos Erupts As EFF Sets ‘Snake Pastor’s’ Church On Fire

Reports from Soshanguve, Pretoria, South Africa have it that the End Times Disciples Ministries Church has been set ablaze by irate members of the EFF brigade.
The church, noted for its infamy, was razed to the ground after series of untoward displays from its pastor, Penuel Mnguni.
According to South Africa news platform, Times Live, the EFF brigade specifically vowed to feed Mnguni snakes and rodents, exactly as he had done to members of his ETDM Church.
Sometime in July, Mnguni and his church made the headlines when it was reported that he forced his members to swallow a live snake, amongst other acts as stripping members and forcing them to eat their underwear.
He was subsequently arrested on the grounds of violating animal rights.
It was gathered that though the pastor wasn’t present at the Sunday service today August 9, 2015; the EFF went ahead with the wreckage regardless.
Also, like a true ‘disciple’, a deputy pastor was already in the process of commanding members to eat leaves about the time the EFF reached the church.
Police presence was spotted a few hundred metres away, Times Live reports. The police had taken position to help restore quiet and order in the event things went out of hand, given the EFF had razed the church completely, forced the members to leave the scene yet they wouldn’t disperse.
The congregation had reportedly promised to carry on with the service in spite of the disruptions.


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