Tonto Dikes Fiance is a Famous Ghana Yahoo Boy and Serial Dater


Oh! How I feel for Tonto, but I want to guess she is fully aware of this though.

According to A very close source to Tonto Dikeh’s husband-to-be has opened a can of worms on his past life. Hear what the source said about Mr Oladunni Churchill.

“Churchill is the biggest Wirewire boy in Ghana till date. He was with Taiwo 4 years in Malaysia doing Internet fraud called wirewire. Still has a valid registry union with Taiwo & Zainab Rufai. The daughter of Chief Rufai,the millionaire of Four Point Hotel at Surulere. He is a serial dater. you are free to confirm from Alhaja (Zainab’s snr sister) whom Zainab & Churchil absconded with her money to Ghana. Only for Churchill to later dump Zainab to go back to Nigeria for TontoDikeh

Go to Four Point Hotel in Surulere to confirm from Alhaja, Zainab’s senior sister who sells hair products at the Hotel. Zainab & Churchill even absconded to Ghana while engaged with the Alhaja’s money. Both lived in Ghana for years before he left Zainab behind in Ghana for Tonto. Both Taiwo & Zainab are still alive. Go to Four Point Hotel & confirm all this.Tonto is jumping from frying pan to fire.

Alhaja is still alive selling hair products at the hotel mentioned. He who has come to equity must come with good conscience. Alhaja (Zainab’s senior sister) sells hair products at Four Point Hotel in Surulere. Contact her for the authenticity of this facts.

Im sorry for Tonto. A case of from frying pan to fire. Remember Funke Akindele’s story. Tonto is a negative being & should also expect negative things. Churchil is living a fake life just like Tonto. Birds of the same feathers….A big lesson for the youths


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