Sorungbe Oluyinka and Adetutu Wande-Kayode Ages with Grace

Some people would  wonder  why i never wrote anything about Adetutu Wande-kayode on her birthday. Yes! it was deliberate because i saw this coming… the birthday of another Giant Stride… they are both one of a kind. Truthfully and Honestly they are just the perfect duo of living a prayerful life. I remember the compulsory early morning Jesus Walk (Uncle’s duty) then after the walk Tutu would then begin to ask u “how are u?, hope you are praying? do you know i love you?” they both did this unknowingly and almost with little interval.

Adetutu Wande-Kayode

Adetutu, the motivator! if you ain’t challenged by her  life style then u must need serious deliverance from Uncle so that u can be challenged. Tutu brought me into the media line fully and by God’s grace she showed me the way and also taught me the way. am really proud of what you have become this day, don’t worry i am coming…

Sorungbe Oluyinka

Bestest Uncle like i would always call him is a Ginger power,he doesn’t  take no for an answer, you must find a way to do it ni…
I love you both big deal. You both really impacted in me. and gave me the reason to impact on others.
HBD Boss… (Tutu)
HBD Bestie… (Uncleous)


6 thoughts on “Sorungbe Oluyinka and Adetutu Wande-Kayode Ages with Grace

      1. Tutu indeed u are a great woman of virtue. Ur tongues are awesome. Greater heights dear. Great uncle, ur life is just an awesome wonder of God’s grace. Nations will hear ur voice. I bless God I met both of u in my path of destiny. I love u both

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  1. Awww….thanks soo much Vicky…! You know I didn’t get to read this post up until now; I only saw the Facebook notification…lol.

    This is so “awesome” in uncle’s words and I am really honoured. May God bless you dearly…and yes, I love you plenriii….!

    We should have a mini get-together pretty soon too…Muchas Gracias…!

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