Accident Scene Ibadan Express way – Saved by Grace. (Photos)

Its taking me a whole lot of guts to write this. I wouldn’t have published this story but I would be so ungrateful to my maker. It took me some days to recover from the shock. Its not a thing of joy neither is it a thing of sorrow. But as I would always say, God is ever Faithful to the very end. They are times I want to question God on reasons why certain things happen but I just withdraw not because He cannot answer the questions but Because He is the all knowing God working in ways we cannot see just for our Good.
26th of August 2015, is a very historic date which I don’t think would fade for a long while, But for God’s Grace we are smiling now.

Coaster bus that conveyed 35 passengers from abuja - accident destination

Above (was) is a very “healthy” Coaster bus that was conveying 35 persons to Lagos State for a National Youth Convention all the way from Abuja but as soon as the bus got to Ibadan Express way, the story of ‘safe Journey’ changed. I wouldn’t wish to glorify the devil because that his work. Even though two (2) precious lives were lost, some in critical condition in the hospital, some others with minor injuries, and the remaining very strong and agile without any scratch, I still stand amazed in his Presence. Who would believe that people survived this crash? I term it “Saved by Grace”. But for God’s Grace…
More Photos below





One thought on “Accident Scene Ibadan Express way – Saved by Grace. (Photos)

  1. God is indescribably great! That anyone could survive this means it could only have been God! We all need to really appreciate God for our lives, cos only God saves. And truth is, you don’t know how much He saves us from on a daily basis without us even knowing. Thank gRACious GOD for your bro and others alive. i Pray for speedy and miraculous recovery for even those injured , and sTRENGHT and Grace for the relatives of the deceased. God keep us all in Jesus name.


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