Idumota Drug Market will cease to exist – PCN Registrar

The registrar, Pharmacists Council of Nigeria, Pharm. N. A. E. Mohammed, has said Idumota, the famous and one of the biggest drug markets in Nigeria would cease to exist in a short while.
Though, some premises in Lagos, Ogun and Osun States have recently been shut down due to illegal and un- healthy pharmaceutical practices. Pharm. N. A. E. Mohammed also said that there are a lot of areas in which the Nigerian system is lagging behind areas such as drug formulary, patient monitoring, etc. He said pharmacists should look into such areas and should not just be in the business of purchasing and dispensing alone.
Speaking with Pharma Times, the registrar authoritatively said that the Idumota Drug Market is one of the markets that flouts the rules and regulations of the pharmaceutical practice.
Inspection and monitoring of premises has started but not with the consent of the pharmacists because if they are told, some would lock up their pharmacy stores or possibly
be the best they can be on the said date.
He further said, “We are not saying that they should not do business; we are only saying that if you are doing business you must do it rightly according to the law; nobody is saying no one should sell drug or whatever. The health of Nigerians cannot be bought; it’s better to prevent death than to allow it, the pharmacist needs to be trained, registered and their premises too need to be registered also so that we can supervise them from time to time. They are in there to make money but we are to ensure that the services they are rendering are properly given to the patient and at the right conditions.”


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