Train Crushes Vehicle in Osogbo

There was confusion yesterday at the popular Ola-Iya junction in Osogbo, when train crushed a Toyota Camry vehicle belonging to the Redeemer University, Ede, in Osun State.
The incident which occurred in the afternoon called the attention of the people to the scene of the accident.
Nigerian Saturday Pilot gathered that the vehicle ran into the track of the train which crushed the front view which made it to be damaged beyond repair.
Eyewitness informed our Correspondent that the incident occurred as a result of non-compliance to the traffic rules biding all vehicles, pedestrian and motorcycle to stop at least a meter before the rail crossing whenever the train is coming.
Similarly, uncared altitude of the vehicle driver called for the accident as he wanted to follow the bullion van in his front to escape the rail despite the train honing repeatedly before approaching the scene.
The vehicle driver informed our Correspondent that his Principal sent him to deliver an official letter addressed to the Vice-President of Nigerian, Prof Yemi Osinbajo through the DHL Courier Service in Osogbo before the incident occurred.
Men of the Federal Road Safety Corps, FRSC, Nigerian Police and Nigeria Railway Corporation officials were on ground maintaining law and orders at the scene of the incident.
According to Nigeria Railway Corporation official, they insisted that, the vehicle must be taken to Police Station before they could listen to anybody regarding the incident.
“We have been warning people and it is our tradition to alert people closed to our rails whenever any of our trains will be coming in order to avert any accident”.
Meanwhile, apart of the damaged vehicle, no life was lost through the incident.

Nigerian Pilot


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