Papa Tee: The Man of Wisdom

Photo Credit: Boluwatife Solomon
Photo Credit: Boluwatife Solomon

My first meeting with him he said, “Just make sure you have a jotter because the things you would experience in this house would be so much that you wouldn’t be able to remember all. You would dream dreams, you would see visions, some might even prophesy,…”

And so it was, but the stubborn part of me refused to get a jotter and even forgot the words he said until after i left the family house and started to recount all that has happened to me within one year.

Ah! Papa T is full of wisdom, at times when he talks i begin to wonder, where did this man come from? His words are seasoned with GRACE without omission, Even his Jokes!

Papa Tee's FamilyI vividly remember Sept 15th 2013, it was Mama Tee’s Birthday, they came to the house and we were all happy thinking we had one big celebration to make in the house because of the birthdays. But low and Behold, it turned to a night solemn service where we all had to go back to our rooms to think about our life and the life ahead.

When you talk about a man who walks with God, Papa Tee is mentioned. You need to see that relationship, You would be Jealous and Envious. Sir! When i grow old, i want to be like you.

He is a very quiet “Guy”, Yes i said “Guy” with a lovely and wonderful smile that he uses whenever he gives you that holy slap at your back.

Photo Credit: Boluwatife
Photo Credit: Boluwatife

He is a Father to many nations, so many have found their way back to the faith through the Grace of God over his life.

He is blessed with a lovely Wife Mama Tee… and 3 smiling kids (Girls) with beautiful dimples.

Your Generation is blessed Sir!

I may not know what to pray for right now, but i ask that God answers your heart desire of this day.

Love You So Much Sir. Thank you for been such a Great Dad when i needed you Most. You indeed changed a perception about me.

Your Stubborn Daughter

Victoria Haruna


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