Xkinash Plus Online Photo Contest On-Going

In order to get the Brand Ambassador and Face of the Product “Xkinash Plus” the umbrella company KCH Consumer Healthcare therefore began an online Photo Contest. The Photo Contest are in different stages and right now, the Contest is in the second Phase.

Doren Ibeh - Winner Xkinash Photo Contest 2:1
Doren Ibeh – Winner Xkinash Photo Contest 2:1

Having Doren Ibeh as the Winner of the First Phase, competed alongside with Temitope Titilayo Fred-Horsfall and Rosie Nwulu, with a total number of 1,461, 1,080, and 137 votes respectively.

The contest which lasted for 5 days was really a tough one and a very impressive one at that, being the first of its kind in the Organisation.

Doren excited to know she was the winner, Thanked everyone especially her facebook friends for “holding her back”

Attractive Prizes are attached to each contestant and it is encouraged that the public participate in this “Xkinash Photo Contest”

Visit: www.xkinash.com , www.facebook.com/xkinash , @xkinashplus , for more details of the event.

There would be an award ceremony for the Second and Third place Contestant Next week at the Head office in Gbagada Estate, Lagos.

cropped-Xkinash-Plus-Cream-Small-PRODUCT-2Xkinash Plus is a product of high quality formulated for the treatment of skin infections. It is a product of Kuka Consumer Healthcare Limited (KCH), in partnership with Zheijiang Jingwei Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, It is a 4-way action cream because it has Antifungal, Antibacterial, Anti-inflamatory and Antipruritic actions in combating common skin related diseases. Xkinash plus comes in a 20g tube white to off white cream and it has little or no side effects when used properly, its potent activity is against: Candida albicans, Coccidiodes immites, Blastomyces dermatitidis and Microsporum Canis.


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