My Sunshine Award! So Awesome!

Never thought i would get nominated so soon for an Award. Am jumping over the roof in jubilation for this. So Grateful and delighted receiving this prestigious award from an opened heart full of inspiration, Summerice. Just like the Name, she breaks through impossibilities. Do check out her lovely site on to know the definition of true inspiration. Thank you so much Summerice for this nomination, am eternally Grateful.
– Thank the person/people who nominated you
– Answer the questions from your nominators.
– Nominate eleven other bloggers and give them eleven questions.

Questions from Summerice:
1. What is your dream / purpose for life?
You just asked two “Big” questions in one. To start with, Just like the name of my site “Impacting me”, my dream is to Impact Positively on the lives of people.
Recently I came to understand my purpose on earth, which for just one sole reason which is to Serve my creator. And really, that is my purpose for existing.

2. What are your interests, passion, hobbies etc?
Whatever makes me happy, what ever makes God happy.

3. What name/names do you love to be called the most and why?
Grace! That name comes with great power. Its just a definition of my life. Another is Ufedojo. Its an Igala name from Kogi state, Nigeria meaning an expression of God’s love.

4. Where are you from, and tell us a little about the place?
Do I really know much about where I come from? Well, I am a proud Nigerian to start
with, and Nigeria is blessed with beautiful states. And I hail from Kogi state with the majority tribe as my tribe, Igala. We are full of love, life and Sacrifices. My very small Hometown (Obagwu) is one of which is yet to be fully civilized. But in all, we are nice people, have lovely dishes, and Yes, we got strong cultures which seem so unbendable even till present day.

5. What do you think about Marriage?
Marriage is the union of two friends whom understand each other, are patient and above all, FORGIVERS…

6. What things do you love the most ?
God, Family, Friends, Good Food. good cloths, window shopping, finally, I love you!

7.What would you love to be given as a gift, irrespective of its possibility?
A well furnished ready-made house, To my taste.  Lolx

8. Do you have fears , if yes, what are they?
Ehn! Yes o! I have fears… Which I ain’t bold to spill out yet.

9. What do you think about your life?
A very trivial question. My Life is an expression of Gods Grace and Mercy. The things I have or get, I, merely do not deserve but I still own them. I know I am heading somewhere, I am not there yet but I thank God for how far he has taken me.

10. How do you handle challenges/difficulties/ hurts?
Challenges and Difficulties are inevitable. When it comes across my way, Some one once stated that, “Challenge is just a bus top in Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria”. With that word, whenever a challenges comes my way, its either I decide to stop at that bustop or to move forward. Which most times, I move forward.

11. If you were given a chance to make one request and it’ll be granted no matter what it is, what would your request be?
Deaths by Accident should NEVER occur.

12. {Special Request} I love you and i want you to be happy always, no matter the storms you encounter, by not allowing your situations weigh you down, because you are Great and the world needs you. Would you do that for me?
Sure would do. If only you promise to do the same.

Now its my turn to nominate. It took me quite long to do this but, the end justifies the means. Thank you Summerice for this wonderful nomination. I wish I had to nominate all. But I got to stick to the rules.
By the power invested upon me, I therefore nominate the following prestigious bloggers for the Sunshine Award:

Butterfly Mind
Charmed Life
Nik’s Place
Ordinary Adventures
Monica Morana
Kamala Thompson
…in 10 Words

My Question
1.. Who are You?
2.. If you had to start all over again from the childhood age, what would you have done differently?
3.. If you were God what would you do differently. You sure can’t be God!
4.. One word for your kind of personality and reason why
5.. Would you be caught doing the kind of Job you are doing now in the nearest future?
6.. What would you say is your most cherished asset which you find hard to part with?
7.. Considering all that is happening in the world (ups and down) what would you defined life as?
8.. What won’t you be caught doing?
10.. Why Blogging?
11.. What are the lessons you learn everyday from Blogging?
12.. Would you advice me to give up blogging because its becoming stressful and time consuming?

i can’t wait to hear your responses and get to know you even better.
Best Regards


2 thoughts on “My Sunshine Award! So Awesome!

  1. Thanks a whole lot Grace Ufedojo! It was really awesome reading all your answers, you’re just so amazing, and you totally made me blush{still blushing}. I hope and pray your requests for a well furnished house comes through sooner than soon,and yea, death by accident really hurts, in short untimely death hurts, but I believe they all happen for a purpose.
    You are truly an expression of God’s grace and Mercy and yes, Marriage is a union of two friends, loving and growing in patience and constantly forgiving . Many have lost the true meaning and are left frustrated, but with people like you, the truth is established, and there’s hope for a better tomorrow. A pack of inspiration you are. Thanks a lot for doing this.
    More awards to come. You’re the best. muah!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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