Rosie and David Edimeh Builds on a Solid Foundation

How easy it is to change your name in splits of seconds… Hassan Changed to Edimeh immediately my eye blinked.

It was indeed one of the best weekends i had. it was a weekend of enlightenment, it was a weekend of new relationships, it was a weekend of no food, more cakes and drinks, it was also a weekend of dancing and trying out new dance steps, and to crown it all it was a weekend of LOVE.

A dear friend and a naughty cute sister (Rose Hassan) made the special vows for better and for the best to love and to cherish in ALL situations her “baby”, David Edimeh, who in turn made same vows.

The hall was glamoured with Orange and Royal Blue, Never knew that combo would hit so well as it did.

It was a weekend full of Tradition and Modernity at logger heads with each other. I never knew that the Igala people (Kogi State, Nigeria), could still, even in the modern age / Civilization, engage in old fashioned cultural practices.

What baffled me more was the Send-forth organized by the youth arm of The Assemblies of God Church, Bosso. Its pertinent for you to go check it out or how it is done yourself so that you don’t get confused with my words.

I don’t intend to bore you with my un-interesting stories, Rather i have highlights of the event in pictures for you to see.

And Yes! i made new cute friends. One with a cute Birth Defect (Dimples), Another with a beautiful Smile, and a few others. So Glad i made it there.

Photos Below…

Rosie and David

Best Man and Chief Brides Maid

You may now Kiss your Bride

Ladies in Waitng

Makeup Artist, Vickytoreeya,Bride, Chef Bride

Traditional Rite

Lets show them our dance steps

Rosie and David

I wasn't left out either. Winks...


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