Is God Really Changing?

Got so stressed out at work recently, was trying to brainstorm on work “issues” when I remembered the recent happenings in the world, people dying everyday to illness, accidents, bomb blasts, crashes, nations fighting each other and so on.
The funniest part of it is that, it’s not just happening to a particular sect of people, everyone is affected, believers are also going! Infact I want to believe that they are greatly affected. Does that mean that God is changing? Does that mean that God is going back on his words? NO! He bluntly said, “With Long Life will I Satisfy You and Show You my Salvation” Death is inevitable, some people like me don’t always like to talk about such topic because we don’t wanna think about it. But the truth is, Long life is not on earth. Long life is eternity, Long life is life after death, Long life is reigning with Christ in glory. Recently a horrible accident happened when youths of a particular church were going for the annual church youth conference and on their way, they had an accident and two people died. Now, I began to ask myself, was God not aware of this?, infact they were on their way to worshipping him. In as much as some things that happens are not suppose to happen the way they did because we are Christians or because of who we are, God is still saying something. He is saying that he sees all, He knows all and He is working in ways we cannot see. Nothing on earth happens without a reason, I came to a conclusion that we Christians are the ones holding the coming of Christ. I think we should pray for the second coming and avert all this unnecessary sufferings. The world is really at end, infact it has ended, what haven’t we seen yet? we are just whiling a way our time with activities and work while we earnestly anticipate the coming of Christ. The question now is, How would He meet You? Live your Life like its your Last. To be continued…

Vickytoreeya cares…


3 thoughts on “Is God Really Changing?

  1. This is so true! Thinking about your words, it hit me, the reality of the fact that, “lONG LIFE” REALLY ISN’T A PROMISE OF MANY YEARS on earth, it’s an eternal promise. Thanks love. As a Great author that you are, i thought i should put you forward for the three day quote challenge. Hope you find this inspiring enough to contribute your own inspiration.

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