Processed Food Demystified: There’s Gum in Your Ice Cream

Ice Cream!

Original content comes to us from Organic Authority

processed foods demystified: there's gum in your ice cream

Looking to interpret the ingredients in processed foods? For many grocery-store shoppers, choosing between all the items on the shelves includes a glance at the list of ingredients. Artificial coloring, flavoring, and gum? What’s even in this food, you wonder. One difficult-to-pronounce additive that helps keep ice cream creamy (and maintains consistency in a lot of other food) will likely show up more in the future. Here?s what you need to know:

Gluten-free foods are driving demand for cellulose gum

Thanks to demand that?s expected to exceed $1 billion by 2019, you?re probably going to see cellulose gum (or carboxymethyl cellulose), on more ingredient lists, according to analysts at Transparency Market Research.

Low fat and gluten-free frozen desserts are mostly to blame for increases in demand. Personal care products also contain cellulose gum with increasing frequency.

Low fat and gluten-free? Those are good…

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