My Birthday Friend, Fola Feeling Herslf

My friend Fola is there just feeling herself. Seated at her work station smiling all to herself letting no room for anger. Hmmm… Do you know that she has received over a hundred calls (100+) today, and Yes! I was counting it, she was just smiling sheepishly at every call recieed, and i figured out that today could be the right time to look for that trouble she had kept in her locker for a very long time since I know and am certain that she would just smile and laugh.

My dear Friend, I wish I had powers to make this day fantabulous and exceptional infact am even “shaming shy” because I am not able to do what i should do for you on this day. But trust me dear, you are so Precious and Dear to my heart that i could go any length to prepare you Eba and Ogbono, infact i would have made sure i baked you a Garri Cake, it would have tasted so nice that you wouldn’t forget it in a rush.

Summerice, its your day, do shakara, say all you can say, send me on the plenty errands i would go, infact, you
 are free to pinch me all you can, no problem, if that would add to your great day. I love you immeasurably and i wish you all the best.

Any body that just look for your trouble, Tell me, I will finish them with my mouth. I am there for you today.

Love you dear, Once again Happy Born Day.


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