Get your BVN on your Mobile Phone. I Just Got Mine

Earlier today, my Aso Bank Accounts Officer Njoku Chigozirim (Orbit) called me asking me to update my Account using my BVN. Adding that if i dont, i woud lose my little savings to them and wouldnt be able to operate my account any more by the 31st of this month Oct.

Due to that, i decided to update, But along the line, i discovered that my BVN was no where to be found, oh! it went away with my stolen phone and i dont have it any where else. What do i do? I dont wanna loose my little savings, even though i dont have an ATM to that account, it gives me an assurance that I have small money some where.

So I asked him and he said I would have to head to Issuing Bank where i had done the BVN registration earlier (GTBank), and  No! I dont want to go that way now.  Infact that is the last thing on my mind, Gong to the bank means going to town with heavy traffic at Ajah Axis.

Then i sought out to ask my friend Google, Trust her, She has all the answers you can think of in this world. And with just 15 naira, i got my BVN on my mobile phone. All thanks to technology, all thanks to advancement, all thanks to the up coming global village.

For some of us who didn’t know that you can get Your BVN number through your mobile phone without stressing yourself to going to the bank, this is specially dedicated to you. Believe me, it is not a copy and paste issue, it is real, tasted and trusted.

How To Check Your BVN Number With Your Mobile Phone
The beauty of this is that you do not have to go to the bank where you registered to get it as all you need is to dial the code and your bank verification Number ( BVN number ) will be displayed on the screen. So follow the steps below to check your bank verification number with your mobile phone

How To Check Your Bank Verification Number ( BVN ) With Your Mobile Phone

dial this number on your mobile phone


after dialing, it will display your BVN Number on the screen.just write it down.

Note: they will charge you for this service. When i tried to check it, i got insufficient fund i had to recharge airtime and try again before it make sure you have up to #15 on your mobile phone before trying to check.

Also make sure you used the mobile phone number used for the registration of your bank verification number ( BVN )



4 thoughts on “Get your BVN on your Mobile Phone. I Just Got Mine

  1. LOLX…My case was I had done mine like a while back and I didn’t know I would have to link it with my other accounts before I can use them. So my gtbank alc had to temporarily restriction for me to wake up…but anyway as soon as I linked it in, the temporary restriction was taken off.
    Nice work you’re doing here dear….

    Liked by 1 person

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