…And That Is How It Was Taken

Just for the records, I carelessly let one of my most valued assets taken away from me. My Infinix Joypad 8s. Yea! i just called it “most valued assets” because just like its name “Joypad” it brought an un-measurable joy, it basically summarizes me, what i do, how i do, and when i do it.

I got so used to my mini tablet that i always boasted that it would never be stolen, because it was always on me like a dress. yea, it was part of my dresing sef. Lolx… but i was so carefree with the phone that i forgot that i needed to be careful.

Its so hard to learn the hard way but that incident taught me a great lesson and reminded me of the verse that said, “Let he that thinketh he stands take heed lest he fall“.

lostFunny enough I had notions that such would happen and I could have taken preventive measures but that Victoria in me just said “forget it nothing will happen jawe“, low and behold, the phone had gone so far even before i realized and it was too late.

Have you gotten so used to Christ that you take little signs and signals for granted?

Some of us have lost him and we don’t know where. Just like the story of my phone, for some it would be too late to go back to find it because they don’t have an idea of where it was taken. But that ain’t our Portion.

Be conscious! Be at alert! Good thing about Christ is that he is always there where u left him. Go back and pick him, He is waiting…

Vickytoreeya Cares…


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