Ferry Pie! Hmm… What a Flavour

Am sure his eyes are glued to his mobile device awaiting an awesome write up from me. Yea swity, I have a thousand and one things to say about you but I wouldn’t say so much now. Please forgive me Victoria (my rival), don’t get jealous but Feranmi is just one of the sweetest personality one could ever have. I call him Free Honey, Ferry pie because, just like the name, he adds flavour to life.

freeeeeOluwaferanmi Samuel Onifade, the only friend that knows that I love Hollandia Milk so well and wouldn’t come visiting without one. It may seem so little a gesture but I appreciate it from the depth of my heart. We have done so many crazy stuff, said so many crazy stuff and even fought at some point, but you never relented in disturbing me. I cherish You, We Cherish u.

Being a part of the Summerice VIPs also testifies that you are a soothing relief amidst wahala. Its you day Free Honey, Rejoice and be Glad in it. Just like the way you add flavour to our lives, God would spice yours with unmeasurable flavour.

I Love You Loads, Age with Grace Dear. Happy Birthday Sugar.

I Rep me.

I Rep my Grandeur..

I Rep my Family…

I Rep Summerice Vips…

I Rep NCCF….

I Rep Family House…..

I Rep God……!




15 thoughts on “Ferry Pie! Hmm… What a Flavour

  1. Yea! we rep Summer-Ice Vips! Ferry chocolaty pie, SweetViki just spoke my heart with the words i’ve been searching for. you really are a sweet flavour amidst wahala. You’re our sweet FerryHoney and we love u for realla. Have a Feranacious Birthday and Ferrrylacious new year! Much Love!

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  2. One of the most patient guys have met. So humble and cool. God bless you, God bless Lautech, God bless NCCF, God bless Nigeria and God bless Summer ice VIPs

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  3. Wow…u guys r so wonderful…i luv u all so much…may d good Lord strengthen d bond we share and kip us togeda IJN…luv u all.
    And to u, Ademi…u r my excellent…*don’t mind my use of English o…just cldnt find a better one

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