25 Years of Bliss: The Silver Award!

I remember the story of a couple (my parents) who on the eve of their wedding day had to chase a goat (which was to be used as meat on the rice served to guest at the reception)  that narrowly escaped from the blue tortoise car 25 years ago.

So many terrible stuff most have ran through their head, one which am sure of was if God actually wanted them to be wedded. But with all the tussles and discouragements, the wedding took place amidst all. and Yes! they caught up with the goat at the end of the day.

mummyWith Joy in my heart, I Present to you the medium for my existence, My first Love(s), My First Everything(s), Pastor (Arc.) Haruna & Eld. (Mrs.) Haruna, 25 Years on, God has been Faithful. Its a blessing coming forth from your loins. Attaining a Silver no be beans, But am grateful to God, He brought you thus far.

I know that i could be very stubborn some times, but i am proud to be one of your lovely kids. Its our desire that you attain the Gold Medal and Beyond. God bless You Sir and Ma!

                                  I love you both Real Good.

love-my-mom-and-dadNote: Don’t think i am being Gender insensitive, My Dad hardly take pictures, and the few i have went down with my stolen phone but as soon as i get one, you would sure see them but i wouldn’t wanna delay this post waiting for pictures.

Please bear with Me.

Make una helep me Wish them well. Thank You


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