Dec. 17 Is All About Cedrick

I have this tall “Lenge lenge” friend, even with my height I still short for him side. What attracted me to him was the 2 cute holes on his cheeks which is called Dimples. They are so cute and you would keep staring at his face for motivational smiles.

DSCN0922His name is Cedrick Oritsejemine, some people called “Dee General” and i still am unable to know the reason for that name. He was born on the 17th of December so many years ago. Don’t mind his looks, he is an old man.

He claims to be a quiet person that hails from Delta State, But i Say he is a talk talk guy that hails from Kaduna State. Any yes he is a professional Communicator so you wouldn’t blame him. He can so copy me…

He is fun to be with and an achiever.

DSCN0966On this day Dear, I pray that God settles you with speed. Oh! i forgot to add, He is a God lover, and in that line, its my desire that you fulfil destiny and attain purpose.

Happy Birthday Dearie.

Much Love.



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