Garo (Miss Petit) Moves Higher as She Adds a Year

goroTo some, it may be shocking to hear that moi Victoria Haruna had a school mother in my higher Institution. Yes O! I Did and am proud of it because this mama of mine cut of some sturbborn edges from me and made me a better me.

With great honour I would be introducing the motivator, Virtuous lady, every man’s dream, a friend and sister, a course mate and team mate, the mama of the 4 tops and 1 trouser,  Gamrotmwa Josephine Gowal. She is a Year Older. Dec 18 is all about you ma. Your star continues to shine brighter each day.

Unijos would have been incomplete without you.

I love you so much and miss the times spent together. Many more years oooo.

Birthday Prayers

  1. I pray that we chop your rice 2016 o. I don wait for “una” tire.
  2. You continue looking great
  3. God fulfills His purpose for your life
  4. God gve you plenty money that you would not lack anything
  5. God Establishes you firmly in every aspect of your life
  6. I Pray that you make Heaven

Love you Dear.

From all of us we say Happy Birthday Darling Mummy!!!

  • Ozaveshe Peter Adamaigbo (Observe)
  • Omar-Ikiage Etomi Ruth (Switest Pipe)
  • Plangchin Hirse (Plang)
  • Victoria Haruna 

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