Let’s Do It Again And Better!

I never really thought social media was this addictive until i experienced what it was like to be out of reach for two weeks. At a point i was beginning to think something was wrong with me because i felt something was actually going wrong. Did you believe that i had to leave the village to town just to get access to the internet? Hmm! people for interior village dey try o.

iko2Dec 31st was the proposed date for this post, but due to circumstances and negligence on my part, it couldn’t come as scheduled. First it was my Tab that got missing, secondly, when i finally got one to use, there was no network in that village.

When i look back into the year 2015, all i see is just Love, Grace and Mercy. this is due to the fact that all that i have, all that i have become, isn’t just what i deserve. I am not a prayer warrior neither am i so righteous but all that i have achieved is just too much for me.

2015 saw it all, the good, bad and the ugly but in all i rejoice and cant wait to experience the best in the year 2016. 2015 was my year of Divine Manifestation. A lot of things manifested themselves. My Career, My Vision, My Family, My Relationship, My Friends, The Church, Even God manifested.

I cant, but thank everyone enough for the enormous support exhibited towards me.

I love you all, Lets do it again and do it even better in the year 2016.

Its my Year of Fulfillment. and Yes, we would be fulfilled.

As always, I Rep God’s Grace!




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