Just Hold On Dear, Am Never Late!

Yea! I just got my grove back. Am at a point in life, that the situations and circumstances around me wanted to make me loose my trust in God. You wont blame me. But things were just happening so fast. And issues were just compiling itself in my heart. I didn’t know that God was looking at me and laughing quite sure he must have said, “She needs just a word”

And yes he sent the word to me at a point when I needed it more. Guess what he said… “Hold on dear, Am never too late, I come at the right time.” and yes he came at the right time.

Someone once said that He (God) speaks through anything. Am not really a fan of our local Gospel Artist because some how they don’t get to inspire me. But this guy got to me so so Hard. you can listen to the song here. You don’t have to download it, just listen to it and you could catch your own word also.

Just hold on and be strong

he will come to do his mighty works

in your life and in yours

he is always right on time

Just hold on

Jahlift God bless you. Greater Grace to fill your vessel.



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