Sarah Efe, My NYSC Twin Blooms in Grace

Intentionally, I left my birthday wishes for this my sweet cool friend till this time because I didn’t want to write in a rush. Had a very stressful day that I couldn’t even squeeze out time to put a call through hurriedly or even send an SMS. Not because I forgot but because she is so special that I have to take out time to Honour her.
Sarah Efe also known as Sarahly. From the first day we met on camp, we clicked and became best of friends. Sometimes I wonder how that happens but as you always say, “everything happens for a reason”
Dear Sarah, you brought me a thousand and one Joy if anything like that existed. You made my stay in Niger fulfilling and joyous. Even with the hurdles and buzzles that came our way we could still hold hands, pray together and also cry on each others shoulders.
Sweetheart, its a very remarkable year for you. And this marks the beginning of your breakthrough because as from tomorrow, lines shall fall in pleasant places tremendously for you. Also, GOOD SUCCESS is what you deserve and it shall spring forth.
Happy birthday darling. My Joy knows no bound over the Grace of God on your life. I love you Big time.
Keep soaring high sugar. You deserve the best.

Sarah Efe

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