I Believe – Dazzle

Is the paparazzi over? No! It can’t be. It just started and its even yet to explode but testimonies have begun to spring forth. I believe that one day, this country would be the best in the world. #IBelieve that I am almost at the peak in my career #IBelieve that I can do anything I wish to do, no more tears, no more frights, #IBelieve it’s gonna ‘dara fun mi’
     That’s an extract to my latest play list.
#Its gonna be will with me
Just drop your burden at his feet and Believe

Dazzle (Oluwaseyi Oyedele ) is a Civil Engineer and seasoned vocalist, passionate about God and Music,whose vision is to influence his generation hereby touching lives via music that inspires hope and life to all, as well as raising ardent, professional percussionists and vocalists that would impact the world.

”I Believe” is a song divinely inspired to minister hope to the weary and troubled.

Download here



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