This Great Talent Meshach, Twitch Owolabi adds another Graceful Year


I am basically the last person you would expect to write a piece on you. Hmmmm…. Meshach Owolabi! He is one kind of being that I can’t fathom. A friend once asked me who is Meshach? I laughed because I was amazed with the fact that this young sweet Meshac guy has the ability to infect people with his incredible aura. Let me add this, some of my close pals on Fb had to add him up because they realised he is a fun when he is on your timeline and with a good troublesome good spirit. A friend once said, “that Meshach guy make sense sha, I like his ways”… Me sef was ‘prouding’ for him. Lolx
While in sch, I called Meshac my son, because he was always willing to help and learn while at my duty post (fAC.ART.LAB.UJAY), Now he has graduated to be my awesome Hubby! Lolx! Make the real one no catch you sha.
His Gift and talent of taking selfie is something to ponder upon and am certain that he would make cool money out of selfies… Lolx. This guy is creative to a fault.
He is a treasure to the world, a gift to mankind with incredible dreams. When I heard of the Twitch story I was amazed cos I didn’t think a young guy like him would be passionate about some things. Keep up with the good work dear, keep putting smiles on our faces…
It’s a new year for you sweety, I wish above all that you prosper and be in good health…
I had too steal this few minutes to write this, work has hindered me from doing this in a while. But kai! You are worth celebrating…
Happy birthday bro! Love you loads…


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