A Look Back at 2016

It took me such a long time after the New Year to post my Happy new year message, Not because, I didn’t want to leave 2016 but because I had good and bad memories that wouldn’t just let me be. Well, better late than never.

Jan 1st 2016, God told me it would be my year of Fulfillment,  Yea! He told me, don’t be surprised. We have our ways!

That same month, It didn’t feel like i was gonna be fulfilled because that month wasn’t funny for me at all…

4f18d818-d58f-4312-a141-9cb52bd037f0From the month of January down to December, it’s been a feeling of sorrow and ‘plenty’ Joy. It started all out with the sorrowful part of the story, but i always got consolation in His words that says…

Weeping may endure for a night, But joy comes in the morning (Psa 30 v 5b)

But Kai! a lot of things happened in 2016. But His Grace was ever sufficient for me to keep holding on and to Stand gallantly!

To crown it all, I am blessed with a family, blessed with a precious gift from God! (knight in shining armour)

Now, I can boldly say, I was fulfilled! 2016 fulfilled its purpose, its now the turn of 2017 to celebrate the fulfillment.

Lets do it better this year!

2017 My Year of Celebration   

It is coming from my heart
Praise and thanks unto you lord
for all the things that you have done
I’m grateful for your love
I give you the praise
I’m counting my blessings
I just can’t keep it to myself
when I thought that he had done too much oh oh oh
Jesus did it again






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